A Blues Celebration 2020

You've been taking blues classes for a few months or have been dancing blues for less than a year.

You are a blues dance lover and are here to consolidate the basics, acquire a good vocabulary and start to travel through the genres and different types of rhythm and tempos in the blues universe. You want to level up and with guidance of the best teachers, you will build up a strong foundation and live a unique blues experience. 

Level  A

You have taken regular blues dance classes for at least a year have attended multiple blues dance workshops and festivals.

You are confident with your basics and have a pot of vocabulary that you play with on the social dance floor. You are here to take your dancing to the next level. 

You want to expand your vocabulary, you want to refine your technique and develop your musicality so you feel comfortable dancing to a range of tempos and different styles of blues music.

Level  B

You have been attending blues dance lessons for several years and participate in blues dance seminars and festivals.

You are an experienced blues dancer and you feel comfortable dancing with all the times and different styles of blues music.

You have strong lead / follow skills and understand the importance and role of each partner in blues dance.

You are here to take your dance to the next level. You understand that great bases make great dancers and happily spend lessons to refine your technique and stratify yourself above, here you will focus on style and improvisation.

Level  C

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